You’ve probably heard someone say the words “There’s an app for that!” before. An increasing number of companies, services and shops have created their own app. By downloading all these applications onto your device, you’re automatically sharing data about yourself and your device. The amount of information that is collected on you, varies per app.

Many apps can be downloaded for free. However, that doesn’t mean the app doesn’t ask anything in return. Free apps often use your data to benefit themselves in some way. In other words, you won’t be paying them with money, but with your information. In this category we’ll discuss several popular apps and how they treat you and your privacy. Moreover, we’ll tell you how to manage your privacy on these apps as well as possible.

Dating Apps and Privacy

Tinder, Happn, Grindr: Online dating is no longer as taboo as it once was. Many singles from all over the world are swiping left and right to their heart’s content every day. Dating can be a real struggle no matter how you do it. After all, you’ll always have to open yourself up to someone else. While dating, you can’t remain anonymous. This is a possible risk during online dating.

Which information about yourself do you share with the world on your public profile? How do you balance the preservation of your privacy with fun and undisturbed online dating? The articles below will show you how you can tackle this dilemma on some of the most popular dating apps and sites.

Apps That Received Media Attention

Some apps turn into true hypes or quickly become a part of our daily routine. Everyone downloads and uses them, but is that really a wise thing to do? Below are a number of apps that are widely used, but also come with the necessary privacy concerns. These apps might, for example, use facial recognition or store personal information about you. We researched these apps to see whether the claims against them are justified and whether it’s safe to use these apps.

Streaming Apps & Platforms

Various streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus, have apps you can download for your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can enjoy the best movies and series on the go as well as when you’re chilling at home. It’s important to guard your data on these apps as well. You’ll be surprised what conclusions companies can draw based on your account details and viewing history.