Save Money

Most people don’t know they can save money online by connecting to the internet in another country. This is because the prices of online goods and services sometimes depend on your location. For example, products, software, and services tend to be cheaper in Mexico than in the US. To a certain extent this is logical, but when it comes to online orders, it’s quite strange that the differences in price for the same product can be so great. However, these differences do allow you save money on your online purchases. This is the case when you’re looking to buy an online product, some kind of software, a service, or something like an airline ticket or a couple of nights at a hotel. By changing your virtual location, it will appear as if you’re in another country. As a result, you get to see lower prices than usual.

What Can You Save Money on?

Because you can order almost everything online nowadays, you can save money on a lot of things. Think of software licenses, Netflix accounts, and even hotel stays and plane tickets. These could all be cheaper if you change your virtual location to a different country. In the different articles in this dossier we dive deep into the world of online savings through changing your IP address. With a VPN, this is easy to do. We’ll show you step-by-step how to get a discount this way.

Get Discounts When You Order From Another Country

The price you pay online for subscriptions and other things is determined based on the country you’re in. However, that doesn’t mean these products won’t work when you travel to another country or turn off your VPN. If, for example, you get a Netflix account in the UK, you can still use that account in the US. This is often the case: you buy something in one country, but it’ll still function in a different country. This means you can simply buy products while pretending to be in another country and later use them in your own country.

However, some services aren’t available all over the world. There are, for example, plenty of streaming services that are available in the USA, but not in many other countries. If you’d like to get access to these services no matter where you are, you can also use a VPN. Netflix works the same way. The offer you get to see on your Netflix account always depends on your current location: Netflix USA looks completely different to Netflix UK. Have you used a VPN to get yourself a cheap Netflix subscription? Then that doesn’t mean you will only get to see the Mexican Netflix library. The offer depends on your virtual location, which you can adjust with a VPN.