Internet Safety

Internet safety is a broad but important concept. Virtually everyone is online these days. How can you make sure you don’t get into trouble while trying to conduct your business on the internet? In our ‘Internet Safety’ category you’ll find tips and information on how to secure your devices and internet connection.

And if all the cyber terminology puzzles you, you can always check our tech terminology guide explaining some of the most frequently discussed acronyms and concepts.


Cybercrime is the kind of crime that takes place primarily on a computer or online. Since more and more people use the internet on a daily basis, criminals are constantly trying to find ways to profit off of this. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the dangers of cybercrime. From people trying to steal your credit card information to online identity fraud, in this section you’ll learn about different types of cybercrime – and how to protect yourself against them.

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Like cybercrime, malware is one of the biggest threats to the safety of your computer, digital data, and internet connection. If your device is infected with a computer virus or your files are suddenly taken hostage by spyware, you want to fix that as soon as possible. Good antivirus software will go a long way, but it’s also important to know what types of malware there are, how to prevent infection, and what to do if you do become a victim. Want to know more about malware? Then take a look at our malware dossier.

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Secure Browsing

Secure browsing doesn’t happen automatically, but it is extremely important. We use the internet to take care of our financials, to conduct government business, to arrange tax returns, and so on. Not just adults, but also children use the internet every day. This means that people of all ages are constantly sharing sensitive information online. How can we keep this data safe? Which tools and software can help with that? You’ll find everything you need to know about secure browsing in this section.

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Cloud & Backups

Saving files in the cloud is everyday business for most people. It seems ideal to have access to your files no matter where you are, but it also poses some security risks. Creating backups and saving files in the cloud isn’t always completely secure. Luckily, there are ways to safely back up your files online. You can read everything about the cloud and backups in this section.

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Using a secure internet connection is also extremely important while you’re at your job. These days, many of us work from home or share business files with others via the internet. Some companies even operate completely online. This means that a lot of sensitive information about these businesses is stored on the internet, whether it’s customer data or confidential information. To keep all these files safe, it’s important to set up your workspace and network properly. In this section you can read everything about staying safe on the internet as (part of) a business.

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